The day I met Eva Longoria, Aka Best Day of my life.

My apologizes for the delay, but I have been busy now since its almost weekend, I guess one blog post won’t hurt….

Back to Eva;
On the 1st of October, i met the world most beautiful women, At The Dubai Mall.
She was in Dubai for autograph signing brought by Blomingdales, promoting their ‘new york winter collection’..
To meet eva longoria, you had to at least buy cloth worth 1800 AED (490$). Unlucky for me I can’t afford this kind of money. And my parents didn’t help at all :/ so you can say I got all depressed.
Then before the event with 5 hours, @Krisfade from Virgin radio had an extra ticket, and made a competition on twitter.. And Guess who won? I spammed the hell out of him. All fair in love and war?
She was AMAZING. Seriously, she was so kind and sweet with everyone, especially me Rawrr! Haha.
Okay, to be honest I almost fainted once I saw her, well duh!! Its eva longoria!
As I’ve been told, she liked me the best :$ and I’m the only one who got a HUG & a little kiss on the cheek.

Here are the pictures… (not high quality)

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Will never forget this day! ❤