Divergent review


Divergent, the next big thing. if you have not heard about Divergent, you are probably stuck in a remote island and need of rescue.

The movie was action packed, funny, and most importantly, did the books justice. The chemistry between Four (Theo James) and Tris (Shailene Woodley) was out of this world, the casting crew really did a great job choosing them.

I love how divergent did not cram all the events in 90 minutes or so as we see in other Young Adult adaptions, instead they took their time explaining each part and developing the characters which was a major reason in making the movie appealing to the non-readers and adults as well.

The cinematography and editing was very well done. I really liked the costume and set designs for this movie, (CGI’ed Chicago, WOW) and how well they demonstrated the factions. From the wardrobe to their homes, it was incredible and not a single detail was missing.  The soundtrack was AMAZING, every time they played it, I got goosebumps.

The story adaption, even though they did a great job, there were some changes, some would call minor and others are totally pissed off by it.  For example, Uriah not appearing in the first movie pissed a lot of fans off, because he has an important role to play in the sequels, however the director said due to not finding a great actor to portray him, they postponed the introduction of his character to the next movie (Insurgent).

Other changes were how the movie ended, but I found the movie ending more cinematic than the book ending, therefore that is a change I approve. Plus, it gave Jeanine (Kate Winslet) more screen time and no one could hate that ;)!

Overall, the movie was fantastic, I would advise everyone to go see it, having read the book or not, you would enjoy it. To be honest it is way better than I expected. Now we have to wait a whole year for Insurgent 😦

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