Alternative to the fragile lightning cable by Apple (Product Review)

This brilliant lightning cable by Griffin accessories refuses to break.
I had a bad experience with the original iPhone 5 lightning cables since it was so fragile and I broke like 3 of them, but this one is quite durable.

Buy it online for only 16.99$ HERE


How to get worldwide trending topics on Twitter for iPhone

Many iPhone users complain about not being able to access worldwide trending topics from the twitter app, instead they get location based trending topics. Here is the solution on how to get worldwide topics:
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Tips you should know about your Apple device

First Tip: Keep pressing on some letters gives you other characters, such as Ë

Second Tip: When you type anything wrong, or typed anything you want to undo, just shake the device then you’ll see this window and it gives you the option to undo the last thing you’ve typed.

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