300: Rise of an Empire review.


The highly anticipated sequel for the original 300 movie is finally here, and this is what I think of it:

300 is one of my favourite movies, the action, the suspense, the plot and of course the gore scenes that makes you jump right of your seat!

The sequel of course as many other sequels, disappointed. As someone mentioned to me, this is labeled as “The sequel syndrome”.

Most of the killing scenes were in slow motion, which wastes a lot of time since A LOT die in this movie.

The villain had been replaced with a tough greek girl that seeks revenge from romans, which plot wise was pretty lame!

The cliché guilt the leader character feels because his actions in the past is there, seriously this has been done over and over again!

The epic fighting scene that you have in the end of the movie failed. It also makes you think that romans are invincible because they seemed to jump from over 100 feets and land unharmed and others jump their horses into the sea for a quick dive and then go back to the normal fighting sequence.  My friend and I were kept mentioning how the parody movie would be like thanks to the director, he made it a lot easier for us.

Speaking of how the movie ended, it was very incomplete, it hints that there will be another (hopefully better) 300 movie!

Anyways, this movie could have went a whole lot better, if you’re a Spartan (300 fan) don’t let this review to stop you from enjoying the movie, you still can.